Over 7, 000 people participate in Yoga Day event led by Indian embassy in Sri Lanka

Over 7,000 people, including 500 Sri Lankan personnel from 150 defence establishments, across the country participated in a special yoga session led by the Indian High Commission here on the occasion of 7th International Yoga Day, an official statement said on Monday.
Over 7, 000 people participate in Yoga Day event led by Indian embassy in Sri Lanka
Source: ANI


The Indian High Commission also tweeted a picture of Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his wife Shiranthi Rajapaksa attending a yoga session. During the virtual programme, the Indian Embassy highlighted the vitality of yoga in human’s life and encouraged everyone to practice it.
“The special yoga session, organised in the virtual mode was attended by around 500 defence personnel from about 150 defence establishments across Sri Lanka,” the statement issued by the Indian Embassy said.
''Average footfall for the event over the years has been in the thousands. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, close to around 7,000 participants attended various online events that were organised this year for the 7th International Day of Yoga'', the statement added.
Indian High Commissioner Gopal Baglay called on everyone to embrace Yoga as a 'Way of Life' to improve flexibility and mindfulness and thanked everyone for joining the mission for commemorating the day.
Since 2015, the High Commission of India has been celebrating the International Day of Yoga in Sri Lanka with the participation of the Sri Lankan leadership and the public.

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