Mark Zuckerberg Twitter account hacked

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter and Pinterest accounts were hacked by a hacker group who claimed to have obtained passwords from his LinkedIn account during a 2012 data breach, according to a media report.
Mark Zuckerberg Twitter account hacked
Screen shot of Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest account

New York

The hacker group called 'OurMine Team', who have more than 40,000 Twitter followers wrote from Zuckerberg's Twitter page: "Hey @finkd, you were in Linkedin Database with the password 'dadada'!" 
On his Pinterest, the new title was "Hacked by OurMine Team." 
The group has claimed that the password leaked through a massive LinkedIn data breach in 2012 with more than 164 million users' data stolen, The New York Daily news reported.
However, there is "no new data breach", said LinkedIn.
"Several weeks ago, additional names and passwords from the original data breach in 2012 were released and we took quick action to notify our members. At that time, we inactivated all the passwords on LinkedIn for members that hadn't updated them since the 2012 incident" and asked them to reset their passwords, it said.
Zuckerberg has not tweeted since 2012.
In a deleted tweet, OurMine claimed it also breached Zuckerberg's Instagram which Facebook owns claiming it was "just testing your security".
The hacker group's Twitter account has since been suspended, and Zuckerberg's Pinterest page has been restored.

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