Tiruchy duo sells milk straight from farms via app
A customer is buying a bottle of milk through KOMILK

Tiruchy duo sells milk straight from farms via app

The coronavirus outbreak has dramatically altered lives of people worldwide, and while daily routines have been affected, many businesses too have been severely hit.


In such a scenario, two youth from Tiruchy, who ran an app development and e-commerce agency, decided to bounce back after witnessing losses. They have now started an android app called KOMILK , a subscription model farm fresh pure milk sale, procured directly from milch cow owners and they are receiving good response from customers.
“We wanted to deliver best quality pure milk at our customers’ door steps in glass bottles within three to four hours of direct procurement from farms,” said S Balachandran, an ME , one of the partners of KOMILK.
Discussing how they came up with the idea, Balachandran said he along with his friend P Mahesh Kumar, a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MBA, were running Elpronet Innovations Private Ltd which would develop apps and other app-based e-commerce services. However, like all other small business firms, they were badly hit during the pandemic. “Since we could not give salaries to the staff after three months of lockdown, we asked them to find other jobs,” said Balachandran.
It was while they were looking for a way out that an idea struck both Balachandran and Kumar and KOMILK took shape. “We started the business three months ago from scratch and gradually it picked up and at present we have 100 customers from Thillai Nagar, Woraiyur and Srirangam areas,” Balachandran said.
The app can be easily downloaded and one can register with mobile number and e-mail. “Once we receive a new customer, we contact them and provide sample milk. If they are satisfied, they can continue. We have a monthly recharge option and if a customer recharges with Rs 1,000 per month, they get Rs 100 in their wallet. This scheme is a hit,” he said.
“We took guidance from N Ravishankar, retired NABARD official and N Kamaraj who introduced us to the concept of farmer producer company and advised us to approach farms where pure milk is available. We procure directly from the farm and deliver it to the farmers within four hours with less profit,” said Balachandran and assured that the milk from KOMILK is also safe for newborns. A bottle sells for Rs 45 per litre.
The duo plans to expand their business by selling oil, greens, fruits and vegetables in the same method.

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