Karnataka, AP tankers to ferry milk to Chennai

Aavin officials in Chennai said that the four-day strike of milk tankers in Vellore will not affect milk supply to the city because they have procured 20 tankers from Karnataka and 10 from Andhra Pradesh to supply milk from the district unions including Vellore to the metropolis.
Karnataka, AP tankers to ferry milk to Chennai
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Sources revealed that since both Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh had less supply of milk and the milk tankers in those states were lying idle, they agreed to help.
Of the 123 tankers that is currently in use, Aavin owns 59 tankers and of the remaining 64 tankers, 30 were procured from Karnataka and AP while 34 were private tankers.
Referring to the anticipated shortage of milk in Chennai, sources revealed that the city has enough milk stocks to tide over the crisis and hence there would be no milk shortage.
“We procure nearly 32 lakh litres of milk daily, of which 24 lakh litres is sold locally. In the remaining 8 lakh litres, 6 lakh litres are converted to skim milk powder while 2 lakh litres is made available daily,” officials said.
The surplus availability of milk is the reason why Aavin has invited its counterparts from Kerala to discuss lifting of 2 lakh litres milk daily to that State to meet its milk crisis.
As Aavin’s Kerala counterpart, The Kerala Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (Milma), was able to meet only 10 per cent of its daily milk needs on its own, it was forced to rely on neighbouring states especially Tamil Nadu, which was the main supplier to Kerala through private players.
“With the Kerala milk crisis likely to be on till April-May, we will be able to supply milk at rates profitable to Aavin and still ensure that enough stocks are available to meet the local needs especially that of Chennai and its suburbs,” officials added.

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