Time to replicate Asia success in big events, says Savita

Indian women's hockey team vice-captain Savita Punia believes it is time her team replicates the success at the Asian level in big ticket events including the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.
Time to replicate Asia success in big events, says Savita
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The Indian women's team has established itself as strong contenders in Asia having won one gold (1982), two silver (1998, 2018) and three bronze medals (1986, 2006, 2014) in the Asian Games. Besides, India also clinched two gold (2004, 2017) and as many silver and bronze medals in the Asia Cup. The Indian women also bagged the Asian Champions Trophy in 2018. ''We have achieved good results at the Asian level tournaments. Playing well in these events has given the team, particularly youngsters, a sense of what it really takes to do well at big tournaments. Now, I feel we are ready for bigger feats,'' said Savita.
Savita, who plays as a goalkeeper, said the team has improved immensely in the last three years. ''We have improved our attack and we play with good speed now, there are a lot of positive changes within the group. ''In fact our fitness levels have improved over the years which, in turn, has helped us improve our overall performances,'' she said. Savita feels they now have developed right temperament required to face top teams of the world. ''If you have seen our recent performances, we have tried to come back into the game after initial setbacks. We don't give up until the last whistle,'' she said.

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