Tarot: On the Cards

Tarot: On the Cards


Arieans can look forward to a good week especially if you are a female. You will be on top of things and will have control when it comes to your personal life. The Empress card indicates that you could play the role of the nurturer and bring good news to the family. The Queen of Swords shows that you have the power and sharpness. This is to be used in the best fairest manner possible.


The Tower and the Eight of Wands show changes and that too fairly big ones as you launch into your professional life. You will mostly move to the next level and if you are not then these changes allude to new things. They also push your boundaries; ideas and you explore things you never thought you would. The Wands shows the multiple interests and desires you have to make a great name with work and skills.


You could have a bond with important relationships as you steer the days forward. This can be a bane or a boon and the way you look and deal with them will depend entirely on you. The Devil shows the partnerships and commitments you have in your personal life are crucial to your well-being. The Seven of Wands indicates the intense desire to fulfill your interests and aspirations, but you will need to go slow.


It may seem you have the world at your feet. The Wheel of Fortune indicates that you are indeed on top of things. If things were down, now you can look forward to life happening in your favour. However, the Seven of Swords shows that there are many secrets and you could be leading a double life. Your thoughts are probably not aligned to your purpose and you will be overthinking things a lot.


You could be having many things to celebrate and be with loved ones. The Three of Cups shows that there is joy and camaraderie around you. It also shows the presence of a third wheel in your important relationships. The Four of Swords indicates many plans in the making and you will have to wait to see it all happen eventually. For now, just rest and allow things to flow. Many nice things will surface.


This is a time of great learning for you as you understand things better. The High Priestess shows that there is nothing greater than the studies you do for your good. Learn all that you can now- academics and also life in general. The Two of Swords indicates that you will cogitate between two options or ideas and the sooner you decide the better. Think with the head and not with the heart for now.


The Five of Swords shows that you are the aggressor when it comes to implementing your ideas and ways of doing things. You will be in control and ensure that others bend to your will and whims. This can be done gently but firmly so you don’t hurt others. The Ten of Pentacles shows good inflow of money and abundance. If you have been waiting for money to pour in, then this is a time.


You need great tolerance and forbearance for everything and the people around you. You will need patience and kindness. The Temperance card is indicative of that. The Five of Cups brings your sense of not being fulfilled despite many good things in your life. You might fail to see most boxes ticked because you are looking at what is not there. A case of concentrating on the black dot on a white sheet of paper.


You could be taking decision based on logic and facts and not on emotions and feelings. The Three of Swords shows that you are very clear about what you want. It could be perceived as being hard and clinical. The King of Wands shows a person who is very strong and firm when it comes to career and work. This indicates that you as that person will be like a leader and also a mentor.


There is a desire to travel and also to go in search for better things from the place you actually live now. The Two of Wands suggests that you could be looking at collaborative ventures. The Ace of Pentacles comes as an assurance that what you are thinking will yield good results. You will do well in these ventures and they will be financially viable if done correctly. The path is being shown to you.


The Seven of Pentacles shows that you are in a good space and can afford to sit back and enjoy the fruits of all your labour and hard work. However, how you invest also matters. The Chariot is a sign that you are on the right track when it comes to your actions. You are driven by honesty and doing things the right way. It also shows that you believe in walking the true path.


The Eight of Swords indicates that you are tying yourself to a corner and are unable to see the way ahead. You are limiting yourself; you will need to take the blinders off and see the reality and what to do ahead. The Page of Wands shows a lot of energy and will to achieve great things at work. You could be helped by fresh young people who have a different way of approaching things

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