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Big relief as public toilet near Tambaram rly station reopens

Repeated requests by the public for 8 months fell on deaf ears, say activists

Big relief as public toilet near Tambaram rly station reopens

The toilet near Tambaram railway station is now open for public use (Before and after picture)

CHENNAI: Public toilets near Tambaram railway station, which had been closed for several months, has finally been opened after DT Next informed the Tambaram Corporation officials about it on Wednesday.

The public had been requesting for over eight months to open the infrastructure for people’s use. However, it remained closed due to motor repair, which was informed through a notice outside the public toilet’s door.

Also, a corporation department staff noted that the public toilet near Tambaram railway station is only for urinal units, which was already in use, but was closed due to maintenance issue.

Due to long closure of the toilet at the railway station, activists also raised the issue on a social media site, urging the department to act promptly. But, all was in vain.

And, what caught the attention of the public and activists in this matter is that the infrastructure was constructed almost a year ago for the cost of Rs 1.35 lakh, but was not opened due to maintenance work.

David Manohar, an activist said, “We’ve been requesting to open the toilet for several months. But, the issue has been addressed only after the intervention of media. We already waited for months for a motor to get fixed and the toilets to open for public.”

Adding that it was disheartening that the funds were non-maintenance, the activist added: “However, we welcome the Tambaram corporation officials’ decision. They finally acted on the complaint, as getting a public toilet repaired and reopened itself seemed like winning on a battle-field.”

Arun Lakshman MR
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