Moradabad handicraft artisans in dire straits due to coal shortage

Handicraft artisans in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh are in dire straits due to a shortage of coal and an increase in its price.
Moradabad handicraft artisans in dire straits due to coal shortage
Artisans working in a Moradabad unit


Amid concerns about a power crisis in the country due to coal shortage, the impact has also affected the metal handicrafts artisans, whose work completely depended on coal. Handicraft work is done in almost every house of Moradabad in which coal is needed to melt brass and aluminium.
At the same time, the coal traders have increased the rates. In the last 15 days, the price of coal has increased by Rs 20 to 25 per kg.
As the festival season is around the corner, these days there is a tremendous demand for metal handicrafts.
These days brass lamps for Diwali and Christmas orders are being prepared, in such a situation. The work of Moradabad artisans is said to increase by 40 per cent. There is more work and they need more coal but due to the increase in the price and the shortage of coal, the workers engaged in the manufacture of handicrafts are in trouble. On the one hand, the small businessmen were already paying high prices for metals. Now due to the shortage of coal, the problems of the artisans have increased more.
While speaking, coal trader Aneesh said that coal is not supplied according to the demand, and the price is also increased. “The coal is not being supplied according to the demand and prices are also being increased. Till 15 days back, coal was selling between Rs 35 and Rs 40 a kg. Now its price has reached Rs 60 per kilo,” said Aneesh.
Another coal trader said that there is a shortage of coal due to water coming in coal mines. Here in Moradabad, there are many handicraft artisans, who buy coal in small quantities and the supply is less so people are facing problems. The price of coal has also increased.
“Due to shortage of shortage and increase in the price of coal we are facing a lot of problems. Our work is being affected badly. Government should look into it and should find a solution for it,” Mohammad Adib said handicraft artisan.

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