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It's time men focus on the right styling products

However you wear your hair less or more, long or short, messy or well set, wavy or straight you will always carry a hairstyle. Through the ages and across, hair has been an extension of one's persona, and a good hairstyle is as important as it can get for any man

Its time men focus on the right styling products
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Through the ages and across, hair has been an extension of ones persona, and a good hairstyle is as important as it can get for any man. Men today are definitely not sceptical about experimenting with their hair, given the dynamic styles right from the classic side sweeps of the 70s to the contemporary man buns and mohawks.

But what is good style without a bit of care? That worried voice at the back of your head warning about the cons of using hair styling products does deserve some attention, right? That's why it's important to use products that bring style and care together in equal bits.

However, most hair styling products out there are made of synthetic polymers that make hair dry, brittle and prone to breakage after prolonged usage. Premium men's care brand Phy aims to cut the chase for safe yet effective hairstyling products with its Headspace range that levels up your hairstyling quotient without compromising on haircare.

Let's take a closer look at the hairstyles men can curate with these products.

For guys who'd say yes to a bit of drama in their hair!

Recreate Elvis Presley's iconic Quiff or Zac Efron's faux mohawk with a Setting Clay that offers a strong hold and a matte finish to your hair. Apply, set, comb, or blow dry and you're going to end up with a hairstyle that remains intact even if Thanos snaps his fingers again!

Pro Tip: Choose a Setting Clay enriched with kaolin and bentonite clays that absorb dirt and oil, plant-based waxes that lend desired hold, and oat extracts that repair damaged hair.

For guys who're into effortless styling

Whether it is Beckham's legendary pompadour you've been eyeing, a classic side part or a carefully curated messy bedhead a Cream Wax is what you need with its offering of medium hold and shine. A quick run of your fingers or a comb through your hair can let you restyle your hair adding that extra element of versatility.

Pro Tip: Select a Cream Wax enriched with plant-based waxes that adds hold and shine, along with olive and castor oils that condition and nourish the hair.

For guys who believe in less is more

A Styling Gel is your answer if you want the old school slicked-back hair or Robert Pattinson's spikes straight outta 'Twilight'. A gel can offer a light hold and light shine, perfect for occasions when you want to lend a more natural touch to your hair while using a styling product to keep it set in place.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your Styling Gel is enriched with aloe extracts that hydrate the hair shafts and olive oil that gives extra nourishment to the hair.

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