DIY hair colours to celebrate your hair

The lockdown has inspired many of us to get out of those pjs and try new things. As salons remain closed, why not colour your hair at home
DIY hair colours to celebrate your hair


Here's a reality check - we know it’s going to be a while before we see our favourite hair dressers and manicurists, so it’s time to take care of our beauty needs all by ourselves!
And if you’re ready to switch things up a little, try sporting a new hair colour which that you can flaunt, once things return to the new normal.
While there is some apprehension to switch to a different hair colour, IANSlife spoke to the experts at L'Oreal India to put together a style guide and ensure you find the right hue to match your skin tone.
Shilpa Joshi Halder, Senior Scientist - Hair Color & Care Development Manager South Asia at L'Oreal India Pvt. Ltd, shares a useful tip to keep in mind before you go through any hair colour process, “It’s a good practice to always do a quick allergy test before you start with your hair colour. Do this, 24 hours before, by swabbing a small amount of hair colour behind your ear. Wait at least 2 weeks after bleaching, a perm or a straightening process before applying this colorant.” Here are a few colour suggestions L'Oreal thinks you try a trend this summer:
If you are looking for a natural hue and want to ditch those jet-black locks, try a warm bronze hair colour. This will up your hair game adding shimmer, bronze tones and bring in subtle tones of browns resulting in a stunning, sun-kissed look. It works for almost all skin tones and is a sure shot hit when you see Aditi Rao Hydari, one of the leading ladies of Bollywood sport it. (Shade 530 – Praline Brown) 
This vibrant shade falls between brown and red and is perfect for those who want a natural, but at the same a time, edgy tint lien up your face. And if your hair is wavy then Mahogany can help define those tresses even more. Mahogany will give you a refreshing change whether it's just a short stint or ends up staying with you for long. This colour will definitely lift up your entire look as it did for the wonder woman of Indian cricket, Mithali Raj.  (Shade 550 – Mahogany)
If you own naturally dark brown hair then adding a pop of cherry could be a great option. This intense and bright hue will offer a completely different aura to your look. If you want to experiment and go all out, like the dancing diva Shakti Mohan, then this is the color for you. (Shade 360 – Black Cherry)
Achieve a whole new look with simple, subtle colours with the L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Hair Colour. It comes with a colour protect shampoo and conditioner that is a must-use to keep your hair healthy and vibrant, post the colouring routine.

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