On Tamil New Year's eve, prices of veggies, flowers surge in Chennai: Check prices

Ahead of Tamil New Year and Vishu, prices of vegetables and flowers surged at least 20 per cent at Koyambedu wholesale market on Wednesday.
On Tamil New Year's eve, prices of veggies, flowers surge in Chennai: Check prices
Vegetables and flowers market on Tamil New Year's eve

CHENNAI: Traders said that after two years of pandemic, their sales have picked up.

"Usually, after Ugadi the vegetable prices marginally increase due to shortage in supply as the second crop cultivation begins. For the past two days, the sale surged by 25 per cent than usual due to festival season. So, even the prices went up by 10 - 20 per cent, " said P Sukumaran, Treasurer, Koyambedu Wholesale Merchants’ Association.

Similarly, the flower market at Koyambedu witnessed a brisk sale after two years of the pandemic. Traders are happy that they were able to sell the flowers without any wastage during the festival season.

S Mookandi, Secretary of Koyambedu Flower Merchants Association said, "For the past two years, at least 10 tonnes of flowers were dumped during the festival season. But this year, the arrived flowers in the market were sold completely."

He added that due to shortage in supply and rise in demand ahead of Tamil new year and Vishu. The prices went up by 20 per cent.

Check prices of vegetables here:

Tomato: Rs 25 - Rs 30 per kg

Onion: Rs 30 per kg

Beans: Rs 60 - Rs 70 per kg

Broad beans: Rs 50 per kg

Brinjal: Rs 20 - Rs 25 per kg

Drumstick: Rs 30 per kg

Potato: Rs 20 per kg

Cucumber, chow chow, and radish: Rs 25 - Rs 30 per kg

Raw mangoes: Rs 20 per kg

Prices of flowers here:

Jasmine: Rs 400 per kg

Rose: Rs 160 per kg

Tuberose: Rs 80 - Rs 100 per kg

Cossandra: Rs 60 per kg

Marigold: Rs 140 - Rs 220 per kg

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