‘Budgeting better, finishing the reading list, going for road trips’

Looking back at the year that ended and the colossal chaos that it brought into all our lives, I’m treading into 2022 with an open mind and optimistic outlook.
‘Budgeting better, finishing the reading list, going for road trips’


I don’t usually resort to making grand resolutions that are too difficult to keep. But this time around, I’ve set up a few small goals to work towards and track carefully. Budgeting better and sticking by it is one of them. Finishing the reading list I’ve been curating for a while is something else that I look forward to. We all agree that 2021 wasn’t quite ideal for holidays thanks to, you-know-what, so I wish that changes for good this time. One can only hope this year is all about road trips and vacations with the family that was long due (while exercising safety). On the whole, we have overcome a lot as a collective society, so taking it easy for now and prioritising our mental health above all, should be a key priority.
— Sulaiman, PR professional

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