Use soap instead of sanitisers to stay clear of skin issues: Experts

Excessive use of alcohol-based hand sanitisers and disinfectants ever since the pandemic broke out has cause several skin issues for many, said dermatologists, who warned that these products – while being effective – can affect the skin.
Use soap instead of sanitisers to stay clear of skin issues: Experts
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“Earlier, nobody except the medical personnel used hand sanitisers. But due to the pandemic, people are using alcohol-based sanitisers frequently. So we are seeing many more allergic reaction cases. The allergic reaction might be more in the case of those with eczema because they already have the skin condition. The issues can be immediate, such as acute irritation, to delayed developing of an allergic reaction,” said Dr Subashini Mohan, a dermatologist. Unless it is an unavoidable situation, people should use soap and water to wash hands instead of using sanitisers, advised doctors.
Also, even when being forced to use them, sanitisers should not be used excessively, they added. Agreeing that frequent and repeated usage of sanitisers was created skin problems for many, Dr Ismail Mahmood, another city-based dermatologist, said washing hands with soap and water was always the better option. “Those working in shops can wear disposable gloves to avoid direct usage of hand sanitisers,” Mahmood said. Also, after receiving many complaints from people who reported sensitivity while using alcohol-based sanitisers, he has been recommending organic hand sanitisers, he added. “Recently, a patient had drowsiness after using hand sanitisers. It stopped after he stopped using alcohol-based sanitisers for three days,” Mahmood said. Doctors added there were also cases of people suffering skin issues caused by disinfectants. Such chemical products should be used in the right way, and importantly, houses or shops should not be disinfected too often than required, dermatologists.

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