World Music Day: Experts endorse music therapy for mental health of recovering COVID patients

Music therapy was found useful to improve the mental health of patients recovering from COVID, said health experts. It is also helpful for persons battling conditions like depression, insomnia, and anxiety, they added ahead of World Music Day that falls on June 21.
World Music Day: Experts endorse music therapy for mental health of recovering COVID patients
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Dr Yamini Kannappan, consultant psychiatrist, Kauvery Hospital, said there is scientific evidence showing that music actually helps improve both physical and mental health conditions. “Nearly 25 per cent of people recovering from COVID have a deteriorated state of mental health. Among our treatment recommendations, music also finds a place as a key therapy to relax the brain and body, and relieve stress. The type of music also plays a key role,” said Dr Yamini 
“Music has profound effects on human emotion and can evoke deep emotional responses. Powerful lyrics can increase self-awareness, aid in self-exploration, and allow us to process difficult emotions,” she added. 
Music is highly recommended in cases of depression, anxiety, insomnia, diabetes control, chronic pain and cardiac conditions, many of which are found among those who recovered from COVID. It has helped a majority of patients to overcome their mental health conditions without any medications. 
“The musical patterns help express emotions better. Sometimes, it is not just listening to music but also writing songs, playing instruments and singing that would aid in improving their well-being,” said Prof Dr CJ Maikaandan, a consultant psychiatrist. 
However, it is better to do this under supervision of an expert, he advised. “Many people use music as a coping mechanism to overcome depression during this pandemic, but it should be dealt with caution. For example, a depressed person may only listen to sad songs which could further worsen her/his depression. In such cases, they should consult a psychiatrist or music therapist, who would suggest some positive songs that would change their state of mind,” added Dr Maikaandan.

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