This two-day fest supports local artisans, musicians

Started by Anuradha Subramanian, Loka House is a creative community based near Auroville. During the pandemic, they launched a festival called ‘Ten 10 Fair Fest’ to support local artisans, musicians and homegrown entrepreneurs.
This two-day fest supports local artisans, musicians
From the previous edition of the festival


“The first event was hosted in October and more than 500 people showed up for the fest. A lot of people appreciated our initiative because it helped many artisans sell their products and everyone loved the energetic and vibrant atmosphere we had put together,” says Anuradha. 
The next two editions held in November and December witnessed people from various parts of the country attending this community fest giving them a chance to intermingle with a diverse crowd and discover many new things happening around them. The next edition of the Ten 10 Fair Fest will be held on February 27 and 28 with the theme ‘Love and Happiness.’ “We want to celebrate the fact that things are slowly getting back to normal and by spreading love and happiness we can uplift all walks of society. Through the fest, we bring the community together on a spontaneous platform where they interact and share ideas, meet like-minded people and connect with art and artisanal products. Another beauty of the festival is our Stage- it’s dedicated to independent music and performances that give people a chance to discover amazing musicians and their music. We also have a bunch of workshops and experiences happening as part of the festival,” she adds.

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