‘My Deepavalis are about FDFS and spending time with pets’

Actress Pavithra Lakshmi’s house is lit and she is all geared up for Deepavali. As our lensmen prep to capture her at her best as he is clad in a green saree, her pet Coco too joins us for the celebration. The actress shares with us why the festival of lights was a day she yearned for as a kid and how pets have changed her approach in celebrating the festival lately.
Actress Pavithra Lakshmi
Actress Pavithra LakshmiJustin George

CHENNAI: Pavithra Lakshmi’s house in the heart of the city is apparently a nice place to be for a perfect Deepavali celebration. You could watch multi-coloured rockets soaring from the neighbourhood and is brightly lit with serial lights at the entrance door of her house.

Coco, her pet, a Lhatese is one of the friendliest pets you can ever see and keeps everyone comfortable. “It has been quite a few years since I burnt or burst crackers. When I was a kid Deepavali was all about crackers, sweets and new dresses. Now, I make it a point to watch FDFS shows. Last year it was Superstar’s Annaatthe,” she begins.

The actress, who became a sensation with a cooking reality show in television tells us what changed when it comes to her Deepavali celebration.

“I grew up in a joint family in Coimbatore. Me and my cousins stood in a line to apply oil to our hair, followed by shower and bursting crackers. We had competitions on who has the swag in bursting crackers. Mom and uncles used to purchase dresses for Deepavali during Aadi month and I will make sure that the smell of the cloth is intact as Deepvali nears. Fast forward to a few years, things changed. I became attached to stray animals and it was difficult for me to watch them getting scared at crackers. Mom fell ill too and I started becoming repulsive to bursting crackers. However, films are always an integral part of Deepavali. I adopted Coco during the lockdown and I will be spending my day with her on Monday,” she opens up and also introduces her friend’s Shih Tzu Cooper to us. Coco and Cooper are now having a quality time.

Coming to festival releases, Pavithra Lakshmi’s last Tamil film Naai Sekar released on Pongal. “That was a great feeling. It released on a Pongal and also received an overwhelming response. My next film is Yugi with Kathir, which will be releasing soon. The teaser has been appreciated and I hope the movie would be received well too. Apart from that I am in talks for another film has well for which the production house will be making an announcement,” adds the actress.

Actress Pavithra Lakshmi with her pets -- Coco and Cooper
Actress Pavithra Lakshmi with her pets -- Coco and Cooper Justin George

Over the last few years, Pavithra Lakshmi has garnered a lot of attention on social media and has amassed a huge fan following. “That has made me more responsible-- especially in delivering responsible entertainment to the audience. I put myself in viewers’ shoe first and see if that would strike the chord with me before it goes out to them,” tells the actress.

Pavithra Lakshmi wishes our readers a Happy and a safe Deepavali and adds an important note. “Please be safe and also responsible. Don’t waste or litter food around this Deepvali. You might be a privileged person, but there are people out there struggling to get three proper meals a day. Before you waste or throw away food, think about the needy just once,” and she concludes.

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