Painless death: Switzerland legally approves ‘Sarco’ suicide machine

The 3D-printed capsules used in "Sarco" machines for assisted suicide have passed a legal assessment and can now be used in Switzerland.
Painless death: Switzerland legally approves ‘Sarco’ suicide machine
Sarco machine


The machine is believed to cause hypoxia and hypocapnia, which results in a painless death in less than a minute. It is a disorder when oxygen supply at the tissue level becomes extremely low and carbon dioxide in the blood reduces below optimum levels leading to death.
The capsule is activated from within and can be towed to a location where the person wishes to die, such as a park or the premises of an assisted-suicide organisation. When activated, the capsule floods its interior with nitrogen and rapidly depletes oxygen, causing the person to lose consciousness and, eventually, die without choking or panicking.
According to the reports around 1,300 people were believed to have used euthanasia organisations like Dignitas and Exit last year. However, both of these organisations use edible liquid sedatives to put people into a coma and subsequently kill them.
Several countries have made assisted suicides legal. Among them are Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Canada and Colombia.

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