Ethiopia votes in greatest electoral test yet for Abiy

Ethiopia was voting on Monday in the greatest electoral test yet for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as insecurity and logistical issues meant ballots wouldn't be cast in more than 100 constituencies of the 547 across the country.
Ethiopia votes in greatest electoral test yet for Abiy
The election is the centrepiece of a reform drive by Abiy, whose rise to power in 2018 seemed to signal a break with decades of authoritarian rule and led to his Nobel Peace Prize the following year. He has described the poll as “the nation''s first attempt at free and fair elections”.
Abiy's ruling Prosperity Party, formed in 2019 by merging groups who made up the previous ruling coalition, is widely expected to cement its hold on power. The party that wins a majority of seats in the House of Peoples'' Representatives will form the next government.
Opposition groups have accused Ethiopia''s ruling party of harassment, manipulation and threats of violence that echo abuses of the past.
And Abiy is facing growing international criticism over the war in Ethiopia''s northern Tigray region. No date has been set for voting in Tigray''s 38 constituencies.

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