Biden arrives at venue for summit with Putin

President Joe Biden has arrived at the 18th-century manor house in Geneva where he'll hold high-profile talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Biden arrives at venue for summit with Putin
Image Courtesy: Reuters


Biden is set to meet in-person with the Russian president for the first time in a decade. He last met Putin when the Russian leader was prime minister and Biden was serving as vice president, in March of 2011.
He has since called Putin both a “killer” and a “worthy adversary.”The two are likely to discuss some issues that also were central to their 2011 meeting, like trade and arms control. But this meeting comes at a low point in diplomatic relations between the two nations.
Biden says he hopes to find areas of “cooperation” with Putin, but he's also expected to confront the Russian president on cybercrime, Russia's interference in U.S. elections and other issues that have contributed to frosty relations between the two countries.

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