Protesters pull down Confederate statue

A peaceful demonstration organised to stand in solidarity with the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, took a turn when protesters toppled a Confederate statue in the US state of North Carolina, the media reported.
Protesters pull down Confederate statue
The monument called the “Confederate Soldiers Monument” lies on the ground after being toppled by protesters


Demonstrators on Monday gathered at the old Durham County courthouse around the “Confederate Soldiers Monument”, reports CNN. The monument, dedicated in 1924, depicts a soldier holding a gun on top of a concrete pillar. The pillar is engraved “In memory of the boys who wore gray”. 
During the protest, a person climbed a ladder and tied a rope to the top of the statue as the crowd chanted, “We are the revolution”. Protesters pulled the rope and erupted in cheers as the statue toppled onto the ground. Several people ran up to the mangled statue, kicking it and spitting on it. “The racism and deadly violence in Charlottesville is unacceptable, but there is a better way to remove these monuments,” tweeted North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. 
At several places, numerous demonstrations have been organised since Saturday, when Heather Heyer was killed in Charlottesville while counterprotesting a white supremacist rally, CNN reported.

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