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Looking after your eyes post Holi

After enjoying the colours and festivities of Holi, it's important to take some time for eye care.

Looking after your eyes post Holi
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Did you make sure your eyes were prepared before you celebrated Holi and partied? The most delicate and sensitive organs we have are our eyes, and they are susceptible to outside effects. Chemicals and other harmful substances have gradually supplanted natural colours over time. These artificial chemical colours could harm your vision. Irritation, allergies, and temporary blindness can all result from improper eye treatment.

After enjoying the colours and festivities of Holi, it's important to take some time for eye care.

Do not wear contact lenses

Avoid wearing contact lenses, as most of them may have water-absorbing properties and tend to soak-up any coloured water that enters the eye, thereby increasing the risk of allergies and infections.

Avoid rubbing

Avoid touching your eyes altogether. If color gets into your eyes, rinse them with clean, cold water. Remember not to rub the eye as it could aggravate the situation.

Use a good cream or coconut oil

Apply a thick layer of cold cream or coconut oil around your eyes before stepping out.

Post-Holi eye-care tips

This can be done by simply rinsing the eyes thoroughly with clean water to ensure there are no foreign objects in the eyes.

Eye care regime

While washing off the colour, use lukewarm water. Make sure to gently massage your eyes and surrounding areas. You may apply natural rosewater to relax your eyes, followed by lotions and creams to moisturize them.

Apply lubricating eye drops

You may use lubricating eye drops, however, since all eye drops are not the same, it's best to consult an ophthalmologist for suggestions.

Sleep well

After a wholesome and tiring day, take a good sleep to relax your eye muscles.

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