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DT Health: Start early to conserve muscle health for quality life

HMB acts as a gateway to help keep your muscles in balance by slowing muscle breakdown or loss.

CHENNAI: Muscle health should not be overlooked and it should also not be something to take care of only after it starts deteriorating with age. Getting in the practice of incorporating Hydroxymethylbutyrate (HMB) supplements into your diet along with exercise will surely help improve muscle health. HMB acts as a gateway to help keep your muscles in balance by slowing muscle breakdown or loss. HMB has been shown to stabilize the muscle cell tissue, regulate protein synthesis, increase lean mass, increase hand grip strength, preserve muscle mass thereby improving overall muscle strength, says Dr Paul Weischmeyer at Duke Clinical Research Institute. However, the quantity of HMB found naturally in these foods is difficult to support muscle health just by diet alone and is often found in nutrition supplements.

Not only are muscles important for everyday physical tasks like picking things up, reaching for something, opening a jar, or getting up off a chair, but healthy muscles are essential for organ function, skin health, immunity and your metabolism.

Dr Jayashree Gopal, senior Endocrinologist says, “In a recently published study from south India, it was found that the prevalence of primary sarcopenia or age-related muscle loss was 39.2 per cent where men were more prone to muscle loss than women. As one ages, it is important that we look after the body to maximise on quality of life. In fact, necessary steps should be taken as soon as one hits his or her 30s. One needs to eat nutritious food, sleep well and exercise to manage their muscle loss, which is critical for overall well-being.”

Muscle is constantly turning over, breaking down and building back up. Ageing is inevitable and adults must pay attention to maintaining muscle health for their overall wellbeing. Right nutrition along with HMB, the little-known compound can help adults across age groups to maintain good muscle health and in turn help people live stronger, healthier, and fuller lives.

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