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‘Diet rich in protein, fat will help children build immunity during winter’

As the temperatures begin to drop, parents are taking extra measures to keep the winter season illnesses at bay. Chennai-based paediatrician Dr Nithya Franklyn, who started her YouTube channel Dr Nithya’s Kitchen, talks to DT Next about the nutritional requirement that’s needed for a child during winter.

‘Diet rich in protein, fat will help children build immunity during winter’
Representative image; (inset) Dr Nithya Franklyn.


“No matter which season you are in, children should be given nutritious food according to his/her age. It should be a wholesome diet that includes nutrients, carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. Give your child seasonal fruits and veggies that are available in the local market,” says Dr Nithya Franklyn.

There is a misconception that one shouldn’t have any cold drinks, curd or tender coconut water during winter. “That’s wrong. You have to include curd in your child’s diet — it will ease digestion. During the chilly winter season, there are high chances that children reduce their water intake. Always keep a tab on it. Food poisoning among children is very prevalent during this period. Make sure that kids are drinking only boiled water. Don’t encourage aerated drinks. Wash veggies well before cooking. Try and avoid foods like pani puri, chaat, vegetable/fruit salad from outside. We are not sure about the quality of veggies and fruits.”

During winter, parents raise immunity issues for their kids. “You have to strengthen the kid’s immunity by providing food that is rich in vitamins, zinc, protein. A high protein diet is always recommended. Sprouts, any types of dals, legumes, are a good source of protein. If you are giving them meat, make sure it is fresh and cooked properly,” Nithya concludes.

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