Check out: Panda eyes or dark circles?

The most common of these is dark circles, which result in one looking tired, raging a person and pulling down confidence levels.
Check out: Panda eyes or dark circles?
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It's plausible to think that one of the impacts of the lockdown is radiating skin; being away from the pollution and no makeup should have been a blessing in disguise! However, the reality is just the opposite. Plenty of screen time, working from home, being in front of the laptop 24*7, peculiar sleeping schedule and stress has all but resulted in breakouts, acne and other skin problems.
The most common of these is dark circles, which result in one looking tired, raging a person and pulling down confidence levels. Considering this, Dr B.L. Jangid, Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon, SkinQure Clinic, New Delhi, demystify the causes and treatments for dark circles.
There are many causes which can be linked to having panda eyes; the treatment depends upon diagnosing the cause and for this one must visit a dermatologist and then work on getting rid of it:
Excessive screen time and stress: Artificial light exuding from the digital screen renders skin to drying as it takes away the moisture from and further leads to breakdown of collagen. Collagen is responsible for keeping skin tight and young. Impeding the blood micro-circulation, the strain on the eyes melts the fat pockets leading to hollows under the eyes. Take frequent breaks away from digital gadgets. The best way to deal with this is to switch to night mode in the phone or the yellow light. It ebbs the ramifications instantly and to a huge extent. Also, late night sleeping habit drastically takes a toll on your health, causing panda eyes or dark circles to appear. Once this becomes regular, there is a change in blood circulation pattern that's considered to be the primary cause behind the visibility of dark circles.
Pigmentation: It occurs due to excessive melanin content in the body. Depigmentation creams, e-facials or laser treatments are the best option in such cases.
Allergy: In certain cases, eczema, an eye allergy causes the area to darken. One must consult a dermatologist immediately and not try to self medicate. Trying to fix it on your own can lead to further deterioration, making it excruciating and unappealing. A dermatologist will examine the condition and suggest medication after meticulously analysing it.
Eye-bags: Similarly, if the cause of your undereye darkness is eye-bags or under eye hollowness, opting for de-pigmenting creams is an absolutely futile exercise. The best solution is to get fillers by a dermatologist, as hollowness renders to the darkness.
Genetic Factor: If your parents are having panda eyes, then there is a chance that you'll suffer as well due to genes. You simply can't do anything, but visit a good dermatologist to treat it effectively.
Sinking of Blood Vessels: This is yet another reason why the formation of panda eyes or dark circles can happen amongst individuals. Try consulting your doctor for understanding how it can be treated professionally for a healthy skin.
Lifestyle Habits that Surges Panda Eyes
Laser treatments can effectively help in almost every type of dark circles. Whereas, some lifestyle habits can ameliorate or deteriorate dark circles. Here are a few lifestyle changes one must follow:
Consuming alcohol or food that has excess salt and is oily, especially later in the day, causes puffiness due to water retention. Ensure you stay well-hydrated.
Apply under-eye cream 40 minutes before going to bed. Vitamin K, C and E based creams are effective treatments for dark circles.
Tea bags shrink blood vessels and reduce fluid retention due to antioxidant and caffeine, further reducing puffiness. The tannins in the tea reduces discolouration as well. Place one chilled tea bag on each eye for 10-15 mins. Rinse eyes afterwards and follow this religiously for few weeks.
Milk can help reinvigorate the natural sheen of your skin, almonds have anti-inflammatory benefits. Make a paste of almonds and milk, apply the mixture for 10 mins and voila!
However, for immediate results, professional treatments can help in getting rid of the dark circles effectively. Use the extra time of lockdown and commit to healthier skin. A proper diagnosis is required before treating anyone for panda eyes or dark circles.

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