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Fitness mantra: Ways to keep yourself fit even with a busy schedule

In the corporate world, most of our days are spent sitting at our desks for a long period. It is hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to balancing both work and good health together.

Fitness mantra: Ways to keep yourself fit even with a busy schedule
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Stuck in the monotonous routine and with the roller coaster ride of life, our routine has now been just rushing to work and somehow getting through the day no matter how we feel. Even though there is constant competition in the workplace, a little dose of healthy eating and exercises in simple forms always does the trick. And how can office life and a happy life go hand-in-hand? If you are one of the many who are continuing to work from offices during this health crisis, dietician and diabetes educator Sheryl Salis shows how to make your work life easier and healthier.

Take up smart snacking

As the evening strikes and the hunger pangs kick in, we automatically navigate towards that bag of unhealthy food. Knowing how hungry we get especially in the evenings, we forget how many of those unhealthy calories we take in. Instead of binging on chips or that vada pav, indulge yourself in nutritious meals that are high in protein and superfood nourishment like soups. The one minute instant soups are the ideal evening healthy snack as they are convenient to make, healthy and filling.

Don’t just sit there

Considering that many of us have desk work, we tend to spend a lot of time sitting and as per studies, sitting for approximately more than 9 hours a day could conjure up a lot of health risks. Sitting is the new smoking. So get moving! Take a break between your mails, back-to-back meetings, work calls and indulge yourself for a stroll for at least 5 minutes after every 30 mins. This will help you concentrate more, boost your mood and help you avoid those muscle cramps.

Be positive

With the amount of stress that keeps building up, it’s no wonder you feel so bogged down with work. The pressures of your job ultimately make your tasks even more difficult to complete. It is important to start your day with a positive mindset and filled with energy. Try to take criticism as constructive feedback. Ensure your workplace (a place you spend almost your entire day) is a fun place and not a war zone that tends to surround you with negativity. Find your source of happiness in the little things like the completion of a task or a compliment from the boss.

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