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Mind matters: Proper usage of social media will help nurture your circle

If there is one thing that has affected a sea change in our lives in the last decade or so, it is social media without a doubt. Not just with our circle of friends and family but even with our work world and beyond .

Mind matters: Proper usage of social media will help nurture your circle
Sudha umashanker


So much so that  it is not just your CV that matters when you are scouting for a job or seeking a placement but also your social media profile and everything that you post or comment on it. It is a dead give away about the kind of person you are. 

Are you the type who keeps hounding friends with a flood of “Good morning forwards “or updates that read “Gorging on masala dosas at Saravana Bhavan “or “Just one of those days when I am feeling completely drained out “? Frankly very few people have time for or interest in these kinds of announcements. Remember keeping in touch is not hounding people with inane updates and forwards. (Even worse is tagging all and sundry without permission)

While social media is a useful public relations tool, it is also an illusory world, so watch out. The selfie craze that drives people to crazy lengths making them even risk life and limb is simply not worth it. It is certainly good to have a flattering profile picture but take care not to come across as someone who needs to flaunt and seek validation on a new outfit or look at ever so short intervals.

Remember also that social media is not a one-way street. You could get as good as you give. If you post critical or controversial comments about celebs or politicians or other leaders often, there is an entire army waiting to give it back while you were all along thinking that you said something very clever. Noted designer Wendell Rodricks who passed on recently was trolled mercilessly for his opinion on a well-known actor’s outfit voiced over Twitter a few days before he died.

Even if you post an honest  comment  with the  intention of setting the record straight – for instance giving people their due regarding their contribution on an event or project , there is no guessing which way it will play out .The point is be courageous and speak your mind but remember that you need to be equipped to handle matters if they go out of hand.

Being temperate and decent in your language while composing a post shows you have grace. Steer clear of gossip. Rudeness should really have no place even if you have been at the receiving end and need to settle scores.

Think before you post mundane stuff.  How important or relevant is what you have to say and to how many? Will it improve your image? Will you regret it later? Once you use this filter, you will become a good judge and spare likely recipients of unnecessary mental clutter.

Using social media like all things, in moderation, with discipline and some detachment is good to do.  It will help you carve out more personal and family time (today even during family reunions and outings social media proves to be a stealthy thief) A decade ago didn’t we all have much more time? What better gift can we give ourselves?

–The writer is a motivational coach

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