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Fitness mantra: Keep your mind fit through adventure sports

Some of the extreme sports such as bungee jumping, giant swing and water rafting, which demand extreme courage and mental strength have gained unprecedented momentum here in India.

Fitness mantra: Keep your mind fit through adventure sports
Water rafting and bungee jumping


The adventure sports participants go beyond their limits to explore their inner potency with many having gained an improved life state.Here’s how you can harness that inner strength with adventure sports, shared by Niharika Nigam of a bungee jumping school.

Potent stress buster

Stress has become part and parcel of everyday life with increased competition in every phase of growth. Travelling in general is a proven stress buster, but adventure sports, with their dose of adrenaline, spike the effects considerably. A person is forced out of his ruminating thoughts, and is zoomed into his present moment. This can be as thrilling as it is relieving.

Enhances mental strength

Adventure sports, at the look of it, may not seem to be everyone’s cup of tea; but all it really takes is pushing oneself beyond the comfort zone and the will to experience life as closely as possible. Standing at the edge from a formidable height, as in Bungee Jumping, can be mental warfare. But it’s you vs your fears and you’re the only one who stands to win.

Makes a person calm

There is an overwhelming amount of scientific evidence on the positive impact of adventure sports on our mind. One such is a study published in BMC Psychiatry; researchers pointed out the positive effects that climbing brought to people with depression. The study concluded that adventure sports could be used to treat depression, anxiety, mood disorder etc. effectively. Indulging in such activities gives you joy & freedom from a busy life, and one can experience calmness — not any different from meditation.

Boosts confidence

Being actively involved in these mind-bending sports is a known booster of confidence and can improve your self-esteem. As your mental strength, and capabilities to overcome your fears are tested through these sports, your self-image and belief in yourself will gradually improve as well. With the renewed energy and vigour that comes from these adventure sports, you may be more likely to better embrace every aspect of your life.

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