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Fitness Mantra: Debunk fitness myths that are stopping you from working out

Summers can be tiresome and leave our bodies drained out. But there couldn’t be a better time to exercise if you want to get fitter.

Fitness Mantra: Debunk fitness myths that are stopping you from working out


However, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions that exist in people about working out. Going by these myths, many tend to overlook the signs their body is giving them, especially while working out in summer. For instance, while exercising many assume excessive sweating is good for their body, but ignore the aspect of dehydration that the body could be going through. Here are some of the myths that you should clear from your head for a better workout.

Myth 1: Excessivesweating is good

While you’re naturally bound to sweat a lot more than other months during summer, it does not mean that you’re burning a lot of calories. Sweating is your body’s way of staying cool. While working out, if you’re sweating out in excess, consider that it can also be a sign of dehydration and nausea. Ensure that you stay hydrated through your workout.

Myth 2: Energy drinksare hydrating

Ever noticed how a cola drink doesn’t quench your thirst fully when you’re dehydrated? Due to the high sugar content in the artificially-sweetened drinks, even though they could feel refreshing in the moment, they only end up leaving you even more thirsty. Similarly, gulping down energy drinks while working out only adds to your thirst. Instead, switch to plain drinking water or coconut water.

Myth 3: No pain, no gain

While working out is no breeze and does not come without enduring some pain as we work up those unworked muscles, it does not mean you need to withstand unbearable amount of pain. If any particular workout is causing excess pain, make sure that you stop doing it and consult a fitness or medical expert immediately.

Myth 4: Exercises mustbe done with the AC on

Summer is almost unbearable without an air conditioner on. But working out in gyms which are closed up, with no ventilation, while having the air conditioner on a low temperature can actually be harming you. Since the ACs don’t facilitate any ventilation and only recirculate the germ-filled air trapped indoors, it could be harmful for your lungs.

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