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Fathers also need to build contact and support breastfeeding of their infants

While breastfeeding continues to be the exclusive relationship between the mother and the infant since pregnancy, it is important for the child to get a skin-to-skin contact from the father also to build relationships and support breastfeeding, say medicos.

Fathers also need to build contact and support breastfeeding of their infants


Doctors say that breastfeeding is not just between the mother and the baby. Fathers have a lot to do in a successful breastfeeding relationship. There are numerous reasons for a father to support breastfeeding. First and foremost, breastfeeding is the best way to feed a baby and father can do a lot to support breastfeeding. Fathers should head off discouragement and deflect negative comments from friends and relatives.

“Skin to Skin contact - what is called as kangaroo care is not only for moms; Fathers can do the same. A father’s loving arms is a wonderful place for the baby to be. While breastfeeding continues to be the exclusive relationship the mother and the infant experienced during pregnancy, it is important that a baby has a close, loving relationship with both the parents. Getting a lot of skin-to-skin contact is good for both the baby and the father,” said Dr. Jayashree Jayakrishnan, lactation consultant, Fortis Malar Hospital

Breastfeeding is difficult initially, and the father can encourage the mother and remind her that breastfeeding is one of the most important things she can do to get their baby off to a great start in life. “Especially in the first few weeks, when lack of sleep and hormonal changes can sometimes make new mothers waver in their determination to breastfeed, a father who suggests like, ‘they say babies space out their feeding after the three-week growth spurt,’ can be invaluable,” adds Dr Jayashree.

In this era, there is no gender difference in all fields that have been seen in childbirth and baby rearing. This can be done mutually by both in all their phases of life from conceiving to childbirth and beyond.

Obstetrician R Mala says that a bonding develops between the mother and the child because of breastfeeding and a similar bond needs to be encouraged between the father and the infant by supporting breastfeeding such as hugging the baby or being held gives them comfort and reassurance. A breastfeeding mother needs and deserves to be fully supported, a father who supports breastfeeding also needs to be supported. Many hospitals, obstetricians, paediatricians, and breastfeeding lactation centres offer breastfeeding classes, which encourage expectant fathers to attend.

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