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Fitness Mantra: Embrace open water swimming for health benefits

Open water swimming is a sport that you can do pretty much anywhere that there’s a large body of water.

Fitness Mantra: Embrace open water swimming for health benefits


You don’t have to be reliant on the weather either, though it can get very cold in those waters. Here are a few benefits of open water swimming.

Helps in weight loss: You will burn approximately 200 more calories per hour more in cold water than in warm pool water when swimming at a similar speed and it provides an all over body workout. When you feel cold you can be sure you are burning extra calories/fat.

Minimises pain: Swimming in cold water increases blood flow throughout the body, which in turn helps improve circulation, allowing inflamed areas to heal more quickly, thereby reducing pain. The colder temperatures can also help regulate the nervous system and improve overall circulation.

Physically and mentally challenging: Acclimatising to the cold temperatures of the open water is pretty testing – pushing you both physically and mentally. The heat loss from your skin can be up to 70 times greater than the air of equal temperature, therefore training your body’s cold responses is sometimes as much of an achievement as completing the swim itself. Taking your workout outside is the best way to be kind to both body and mind.

Boosts immune system: It has been proven by scientists that by being immersed in cold water three times a week increase your white blood counts which help fight infection and boost your immune system by activating antibodies and increasing metabolic rate.

Being at one with nature: It is a relaxing yet exhilarating experience to be out there as nature intended with plenty of stimulus to keep your mind occupied. It’s recommended to swim in a lake in a controlled environment first before trying out the ocean.

Breaks the boredom cycle: Turning up to an outdoor swimming spot is much more stimulating than simply sliding into the local indoor pool. By finding new and unexplored places, you’ll add a sense of adventure and reward to your workout that might otherwise be lacking.

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