Get Well Soon: Avoid consuming excess liquids before bedtime

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Get Well Soon: Avoid consuming excess liquids before bedtime
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How do I find a cure for a persisting blister on my foot? - Priyanjali S, Adyar
As a blister usually occurs due to friction between your foot and your footwear, you should avoid wearing shoes that rub against it. Cover 
your blister with a soft dressing, like gauze or a loose bandage. If the blister is very sore, cut your dressing and place it around the blister to avoid putting pressure directly on it. Change the dressing day. Always wash your hands before touching the dressing. Also, apply antibiotic or vaseline on the wound, to avoid developing infection. If your blister has burst, protect it from any sort of infection. 
-Dr M Sundaram, Dermatologist
Why do I urinate so much at night?  -Michelle M, Nungambakkam 
Drinking too much fluid during the evening can cause you to urinate more often during the night. Caffeine and alcohol after dinner can also lead to this problem. Other common causes of urination at night include infection of the bladder or urinary tract. To prevent the same, you must limit your intake of fluids two hours before bedtime. If you find it difficult to control the urge, consult a doctor. 
-Dr Rajendran, Urologist

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