Get Well Soon: Indoor allergens can cause eyes to tear up

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Get Well Soon: Indoor allergens can cause eyes to tear up
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What do I do to stop my pimple problem? - Neena Mathew, Nungambakam 
It is important that you keep your face clean at all times. Even if you do not suffer from acne, ensure that you wash your face at least twice a day as dust and other impurities usually collect on the face. Do not overuse makeup. Be extra careful if you are allergic to certain chemicals. Moisturise your face, as dryness can affect your skin. Wash your hands before applying cream to avoid further allergies. Avoid using creams that you are allergic to. 
-Dr Priya K, a Dermatologist
What do I do when one eye keeps watering? Kavitha R, Kilpauk 
Indoor allergens are usually what causes itching of the eye. Ensure your house is cleaned often. Avoid direct contact with dust. A blocked tear duct can cause continuous watering of your eye, paired with irritation and constant itching. Outdoor allergens like pollen and animal dander can also contribute to sever itching. If you use contact lens, that can be another cause for the development of allergies. Also, be careful of the eye makeup and face wash you use. Allergic reactions to them are quite common.  
-Dr Priya Menon, an Ophthalmologist

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