Habit of biting nails can affect dental alignment

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Habit of biting nails can affect dental alignment


How do I avoid fungal growth on my feet?
Ganesh S, from Guindy
People who have a weakened immune system or take antibiotics are more likely to get a fungal infection. If you leave your feet moist, you can develop fungal growth. Especially during the rainy season, people get drenched and fail to dry themselves fully. It is always important to remain dry and to keep your feet clean and healthy. Apply essential oils on your skin, which will help prevent such problems. Also, let your feet breathe. Especially when you develop such skin problems, avoid wearing shoes or other closed footwear.
-  Dr Suryanarayan,  Cosmetologist,Egmore
Is biting your nails bad for your health? People are constantly advising me. How do I avoid it?
Karthika S, from Arumbakam 
Nail-biting is not dangerous, but it does have some health issues associated with it. The skin around the nail beds may become damaged and inflamed, making infection more likely. The continuous movement of the nails to the mouth makes it easy for germs and dirt located on the hands and under nails to enter the mouth, possibly leading to an increased incidence of other infections and viruses. Nail-biting can damage teeth over time and affect dental alignment.
- Dr Sreedhar, Dermatologist

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