Steer clear of crash diets in quest for instant weight loss
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Steer clear of crash diets in quest for instant weight loss

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My 19-year-old son is obsessed with weight loss. He has been working out regularly, but his diet is unbalanced. He has only eggs and paneer, apart from a negligible quantity of vegetables. Is this the right method to lose weight? Kindly advise. 
Subha, Mambalam
Weight loss entails a combination of good food, exercise and stress management. People take to crash dieting thinking it will help them reduce fat, but they also lose muscle in the process. When you lose muscle, your energy levels dip. Many stay away from fat in their diet, but fat is not always bad. Good fat is equally important in your diet. It is important for your cells and for storing Vitamin D. It is a problem only when fats become carbs.  So, include them in your diet too.
Dr Krithika Ravindran, Cosmetic Surgeon and Age Management Consultant
My 70-year-old mother has been having heart burn often. We have been told by some doctors it could be GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). What are the implications of this condition? Anantharaman, Medavakkam
Get her condition diagnosed by experts. If left untreated, GERD can lead to acid reflux cancer in some cases. Other possible implications include ulcers in the oesophagus and difficulty in swallowing. Asthmatic patients will have increase in symptoms and those without asthma can have asthma-like symptoms, and lung infections. Many might also have a change in voice, develop nodules in vocal cord and for some, there could be excessive enamel erosion.
Dr R Ravi, Gastreoenterologist

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