City pharmacies now retail high-end fitness trackers

Fitbit, the manufacturers of wearable activity trackers have found a huge market for fitness buffs in Chennai. The city is among the top five regions where the California-headquartered company plans on expanding its business.
City pharmacies now retail high-end fitness trackers
A wearable activity tracker


Fitness enthusiasts in Chennai are ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing trends and technologies to keep them in top shape. With an increase in awareness concerning lifestyle-related diseases and the need for keeping one’s health in check, many Chennaiites are depending on wearable devices that analyse data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate and quality of sleep among other personal metrics, on a daily basis. 
“And that’s where we come in,” says, Manisha Sood, the Country GM of Fitbit India (P) Ltd.  She tells us, “We launched in India in July 2015 and currently have a presence in about 63 countries. Chennai is one among our top five markets which includes Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi as well. As of now, around 30 retail outlets in the city sell our products, and we are planning to expand to 60 outlets by the end of 2016.” Fitbit has sold upwards of 50 million trackers since its inception in 2011. 
The company’s retail strategy in India has taken an interesting turn as even hospitals are now turning partners. Manisha explains, “Fortis Hospital is one of the healthcare facilities in Chennai that has started retailing various models of the Fitbit.” And it makes business sense too as she tells us, “India’s status as the diabetic capital of the world is a huge cause for concern, as a range of related health issues including cardiovascular diseases, hypertension is on the rise. This has prompted many health-conscious people to opt for wearables to keep track of and maintain their wellness habits.” 
Additionally, outlets in airports across India have also turned out to be the most unexpected of selling hotspots. She adds that marathon runners, who consider the city as a haven for workout-buffs, are also part of the customer base. The company has introduced corporate wellness programmes abroad, which involves firms providing their employees with such devices to inculcate a culture of wellness. Fitbit has plans for similar initiatives in India as well, sums up Manisha.

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