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5 planets will align across the night sky

On March 28, Five planets will be visible in the night sky. The Five planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus which will align in a line to put up a rare show for humans. As a bonus, Saturn will also appear for a very short period in the early morning hours on March 27 and March 28. The best thing is that you won’t even need binoculars to spot Venus, Mars and Jupiter in the sky. Mercury and Uranus are comparatively difficult to spot. They can be spotted with the use of binoculars or a telescope. The best time to view the “planet parade” is right after sunset on Tuesday, March 28. The planets will start disappearing from the sky within 30 minutes of the sunset, so you need to be real quick and ready. If you miss the rare sight on March 28, you will get to see it only after 17 years in 2040. Right after the sunset, look towards the West. According to Bill Cooke, a lead at NASA's meteoroid environment office, “you'll see these planets strung out in a line extending about 50 degrees or so.” It means the planets will extend from the sky's horizon to about halfway up. The "morning star" Venus will be the brightest of all. Even if you're in an area with significant light pollution, you should be able to see it. Mars will also be visible, and it will be close to the Moon.

5 planets will align across the night sky

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