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Headphones that double up as air purifiers

With this visionary product, the company, along with the air, also plans to tackle noise pollution.

Headphones that double up as air purifiers
Visual of the Dyson headphones (Photo: Twitter/@Dyson)

New Delhi: Taking a step forward in the world of innovation, a tech giant has brought advanced headphones with an in-built air-purifying technology, keeping the global concerns of pollution in mind.

With this visionary product, the company, along with the air, also plans to tackle noise pollution.

After making a mark with its vacuum cleaners, air purifiers and hair styling tools, the British tech brand 'Dyson' announced its product named 'Dyson Zone' that acts as headphones as well as air purifiers.

On March 30, Dyson released visuals of these devices.

The uniqueness of these upgraded pieces is that it has a contact-free visor that goes over the nose and mouth capturing dust, pollen, bacteria, and even city gases.

The earcups come with a motor that helps the purification process. To add to its bucket of features, the Zone's filtration system also offers multiple settings for different levels of exertion.

Whether you are on a run or just leisurely strolling, there's an automated setting that uses accelerometers to automatically adjust the airflow. The product was launched on April 1 this year wherein many social media users thought it is an April Fool gimmick.

However, the company rubbished such speculations. "This is no April Fool's joke," Dyson wrote on Twitter in response to a user who wondered if they were playing a prank.

The company, in its official statement, also said, "30 years of air filtration expertise pioneered into a wearable, high-end audio device. With a contact-free visor to supply a continuous stream of purified air to your nose and mouth. So, you can breathe cleaner air, anywhere."

According to The Verge, Dyson officials said that the Zone can filter out up to 99 per cent of particle pollution -- although the filters aren't reusable and will need to be replaced after about a year.

The Zone is certainly one of the most unique products from Dyson (or likely any company) that we will see this year. There are still a lot of crucial details we don't know -- including price and battery life, the Verge reported. And while mask-wearing has been normalized considerably over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we'll have to see whether customers will be willing to embrace this product

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