TN idol wing now uses Blockchain Tech to receive inputs & complaints

The Idol Wing has launched this to receive information from informants and enable their staff to submit grievances. The initiative also envisages the public to launch complaints on the Blockchain
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CHENNAI: The Tamilnadu police Idol Wing has launched a first-of-kind initiative on the Blockchain where the Informants who wish to pass inputs on Idol smuggling/possession/sale of illicit antique idols can anonymously give information to the Wing on the Blockchain launched by them.

Besides, the staff of Idol Wing can also submit their grievances on the Blockchain, which is also the first of its kind. Last but not least, the public wishing to lodge their complaints can also do so on the decentralised Blockchain right away at

Blockchain technology is an advanced database mechanism that allows transparent information sharing within a network.

Blockchain makes it impossible for anyone to tamper with or delete complaints, meaning that all complaints are accounted for properly.

Blockchain also offers several other advantages when it comes to police complaints. For example, Idol Wing can use Blockchain to store detailed information about each complaint, such as the date, time, location, and other relevant information, making it easier to track and analyse complaints and identify any potential issues, said a release from DGP Jayanth Murali, heading idol wing.

A couple of weeks ago, the Idol Wing had recently launched NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and SBTs (Soulbound Tokens), which are also blockchain-based initiatives.

The Idol Wing has launched this to receive information from informants and enable their staff to submit grievances. The initiative also envisages the public to launch complaints on the Blockchain.

Blockchain technology is the basis for Web 3, the future decentralised internet. Using the Blockchain's immutable nature, the Idol Wing now has an efficient and secure way to track and store data.

Blockchain has several advantages over traditional methods of complaint logging. For example, it would be easier to track and monitor the progress of a complaint, and it would help ensure that the Wing handles each complaint with the same accuracy and consistency.

Additionally, the Blockchain would provide an audit trail, allowing for easier identification of any issues or concerns with how complaints get handled. Overall, using the Blockchain by Idol Wing would help create a more reliable and secure system for tracking and resolving complaints.

The initiative of the Idol Wing unit of the Tamilnadu Police will not only help the informants to furnish information on idol thefts and smugglers but also help the public to lodge complaints on the Blockchain. The initiative also envisages receiving grievances of the Idol Wing personnel on the Blockchain. Polygon will power the chain using the Ethereum blockchain.

Unlike the regular procedure, a complaint, a grievance or information. The Idol Wing officers will conduct a preliminary enquiry of every complaint on the Blockchain to see if it is cognisable. If it is cognisable and feasible, the Idol Wing envisages registering an FIR within seven days of the complaint. Informants posting information on the chain leading to a seizure or arrest of an idol thief or smuggler will be rewarded with Soul Bound Token (SBT)/ Digital Medal or an NFT.

Similarly, the grievances submitted by the Idol Wing personnel will be attended to by the concerned officer within a fortnight. The concerned officer will post the action taken report on the Blockchain within a week. The Idol Wing, therefore, with immediate effect, welcomes Informants and the Public to submit their complaints on the Blockchain at

Once the user accesses the site/app, he can choose one of the three formatted forms, which are simple to fill in and submit. Once submitted, the contents are anonymous and immutable. The entire procedure is very simple and can be done from the screen of one's phone.

Police complaints have always been a source of contention in the public eye, but introducing the Blockchain in Idol Wing will change the game. By using blockchain technology to store complaints, police departments can ensure that the data is immutable and secure.

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