Act of Governors politicised in non-BJP ruling states: Tamilisai

She noted that she would continue to express her view on Tamil Nadu as a Tamilachi (native of Tamil Nadu) and none can stop her from expressing her views.
Lt Governor of Puducherry and Governor of Telangana Tamilisai Soundararajan
Lt Governor of Puducherry and Governor of Telangana Tamilisai SoundararajanFile

CHENNAI: Lt Governor of Puducherry and Governor of Telangana Tamilisai Soundararajan in an exclusive interview to DT Next said the state governments in non-BJP ruling states are giving political colour to the office of Governors.

She also defended her counterpart R N Ravi's views and discourse on Sanatana Dharma.

She noted that she would continue to express her view on Tamil Nadu as a Tamilachi (native of Tamil Nadu) and none can stop her from expressing her views.

How do you see TN Governor reiterating Sanatana Dharma in several programmes that attracted criticism that he is acting against the Constitution and Secularism?

That is his view and he has a basic understanding of it (Sanatana Dharma). Why is everyone thinking that he reflects the BJP’s view? He never spoke against the Constitution nor did divisive politics. He expressed his views, which were guaranteed by the Constitution under freedom of expression. It has been politicised. When Chief Minister M K Stalin has a stand not to wish Hindus for Deepavali, what is wrong in the Governor differing in his views.

The Governor is holding a constitutional post unlike politicians or a CM who reflects his/her party ideology? Is the governor vehemently reflecting the BJP's ideology?

The Governor is not propagating any ideology and constitution has no restrictions for the Governors to express thier views. But it has been subjected to criticism, projecting the Governors’ in a bad light. Murasoli (DMK’s official mouthorgan) is carrying multiple articles, defaming the Governor. It began with the DMK creating friction and the party continues to degrade the Governors.

Political critics opine that Governors in non-BJP ruling states are trying to destabilise the government to please their political masters?

It all depends upon the perception. UP Governor Anandiben Patel visiting places to campaign for the eradication of TB, and Goa Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai actively involved in ‘Know about Your Goa’ programme and interacting with panchayat presidents. There are also elected governments in place. The activities of the Governors are the same, but perception is changing from state to state.

There is a perception that Governor Tamilisai is indulging in aggressive politics than in her previous role as BJP TN president. Is it so or will you return to politics?

Though I am a Governor, I am still a Tamilachi and native of the state. When a voter has a right to air his/her view. What would deny me from airing my views. Moreover, I counter the articles carried in Murasoli against me. It's my right to defend myself. It doesn’t mean I indulge in politics. Regarding my political re entry I cannot comment on what is going to happen in the future.

Being a native of TN, you are aware that nearly 20 bills are pending in Governor R N Ravi’s office. How do you see this?

I don't want to go into the details. But there is no time limit for the Governor to give his/her assent to a bill. The Constitution gives the authority to the Governor to give approval or not to approve a bill.

There is a perception that Governors in non-BJP ruling states are aggressive and acting like opposition leaders to help the incursion of BJP, your views ?

It is nothing but intentionally politicising the act of Governors. For instance, in my state (Telangana) the government has taken a strong stand against the Centre. So, they are not respecting the constitutional authority, Governor, nor following the protocol. Is this right? Let them stand on the neutral platform and take a retrospective view on their stand.

For example, TN Governor (R N Ravi) expressed some of his views. The DMK can endorsing the views of Governor or they can dissent but they do not have the right to criticise the governor and demanding for his recall is unjustifiable.

You are banning RSS rallies, but allowing VCK leader Thol Thirumavalavan to distribute pamphlets on Manusmriti. “Staunch Hindus” like me did not see the book at all. So, it creates unwanted sensationalism.

Former Puducherry CM Narayanasamy calls you as “Super CM” of Puducherry. Is it so?

He is making a baseless allegation. The CM of the elected government and myself have a smooth relationship. I endorse the decision taken by the CM. Everyone knows the kind of relationship between him (as the CM) and then Lt Governor. So, he is giving unwanted political colour to the smoothly functioning administration of the present government. Even today, I cleared a bill after assessing each and every bill.

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