Iron age in Tamil Nadu dates back to 4,200 yrs, says Stalin

Stalin also said that the age of the black and red ware pottery also dates back to 4,200 years.
Iron age in Tamil Nadu dates back to 4,200 yrs, says Stalin
CM MK Stalin

CHENNAI: Chief Minister M K Stalin on Monday announced in the State Assembly that based on the excavation carried out in Mayiladumparai in Krishnagiri district the Iron age of Tamil Nadu dates back roughly to 4,200 years.

"Last year, excavation was carried out in Mayiladumparai at burial sites and residential areas which contain rock paintings and neolithic artefacts, at the depth of 104 and 130 cms, in which two metal samples were sent to a Beta Analytic’s Radiocarbon Dating lab in Florida in which it has been found out the date of the iron artefacts ranges from 1,615 BC to 2,172 BC. The results have reassured the fact that the Iron age of Tamil Nadu dates back to 4,200 years which is the oldest in India", said the Chief Minister, under Rule 110 of Tamil Nadu Assembly Rules.

Stalin also said that only after the usage of iron increased, people destroyed forests and developed agriculture. "Now we have definite answers for the questions on determining the age of commencement of farming communities in Tamil Nadu", said Stalin, who also added that the discovery of artefacts has pushed the age of the Black and Red ware pottery to 4,200 years.

The new details about the iron age in Tamil Nadu that has emerged have been appreciated by experts across the world including Cambridge professor Dilip Chakkarabarthi. Stalin further said that the works of the Tamil Nadu Archaeological Department do not stop this year apart from the Tamil Nadu excavation, which will be carried out in Pattanam in Kerala, Talakadu in Karnataka, Vengi in Andhra Pradesh and Palur in Odisha.

Preliminary studies on a deep-sea excavation in Korkai, a Sangam era port, would commence this month and the state archaeological department will start studying the link between the signs present in pottery unearthed in Tamil Nadu and the Indus Valley civilization, this year.

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