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DMK government runs only on publicity, no action visible, says Seeman

In an exclusive interview with DT Next, Naam Tamilar Katchi (NTK) chief Seeman, spoke about Dravidian politics, the present rule of DMK and the plans for the upcoming urban local body elections.

DMK government runs only on publicity, no action visible, says Seeman
NTK convenor Seeman. File photo


Usually NTK will be active in the field when it comes to elections, but now during the urban local body elections the party has largely been silent except press releases? Is there any specific reason?

We are working with the same enthusiasm and even now I am in my party office finalising the candidates list. I thought of meeting the media after releasing the candidates list. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions we could not move around as expected but we have planned to kick start the campaign from Sunday (February 6) from Madurai.

What are your chances in the urban local body elections, particularly with a sugarcane farmer symbol?

Everyone knows that only the ruling party will sweep the seats in local body elections, but we see this election as a chance to take our party and its symbol across the state. Like ‘Rising Sun’ for DMK and ‘Two Leaves’ for AIADMK, our symbol ‘Sugarcane Farmer’ will also get registered in the minds of Tamil Nadu people.

Many see the urban local body elections as a prelude to the 2024 Parliament election. What is your view?

I do not approve the view as we cannot predict the alliance for 2024 elections. We cannot give assurance that VCK will continue in DMK alliance or will PMK enter DMK alliance. We are not sure about the AIADMK- BJP alliance too.

There is always criticism about NTK that it is a B-Team of BJP. How do you see this?

This is a strategy adopted by the DMK to get the 15 per cent vote share of minorities. DMK thinks by repeatedly telling a lie it will become truth, but the truth is that DMK is actually the B-team of BJP. I am telling this with proof that BJP says it is a party for Hindus and DMK says that 90 per cent of its cadres are Hindus. There is no big difference between the two parties. On the contrary, we have been claiming that we are not Hindus but only Saivites, who worship our ancestral Lord Murugan and Sivan.

How do you see the DMK government that has been functioning since last May?

It is the government that runs based only on advertisement and not on action. The last seven or eight months we can see more videos of Chief Minister MK Stalin doing cycling and exercises than working. There were no constructive programmes or schemes for people or for environment. In simple words, government is functioning on the principles of bonus, freebies and offers.

Then what about the Manjapai scheme of the government. It is widely appreciated by all sections?

The scheme to eradicate plastics by introducing cloth bags was part of our election manifesto in 2016 and now it has been followed by the DMK government. They have not done anything constructive on their own.

The ruling DMK also claims that they have contained anti-socials and kangaroo courts. Do you agree?

No govt will admit that crime has increased in their rule. If the claim by DMK is true why are political murders for seats continuing in the state. What is DMK government going to say for the murders that happened in Tirunelveli and Medavakkam due to seat sharing rows.

How do you see the claim that DMK is fighting for the rights of the state?

It was the DMK which showed “Go Back Modi” placards when it was in the Opposition. But, now it is welcoming Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that it is part of Centre-state relations. It is a slavery mindset that only if we appease the PM we will get more funds. Does West Bengal and Kerala do the same to get funds. DMK right from Katchatheevu issue to taking away education from state’s list has been a silent spectator and how can they claim now that they have fought for the rights of the state. They have in fact mortgaged the rights of the state to the Central govt.

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