Children showing mild symptoms, no danger yet: Experts

A few months ago, experts had predicted that in the case of a third wave, children would be the worst to be affected owing to lack of vaccine coverage. In the present scenario, though TN has been witnessing a steep rise in daily cases, so far, city hospitals have received only a few children with mild symptoms.
Children showing mild symptoms, no danger yet: Experts
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“As of now, children getting COVID only have mild symptoms such as cold and cough. They are being tested only if their family is getting infected or are being screened while travelling. Currently, 10 children are admitted and asymptomatic are under home quarantine and being monitored regularly,” said Dr S Ezhilarasi, director, Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children.
Health experts have cautioned that it is too early to predict the situation as cases have seen a jump only from last week. “Compared to the second wave, the tally so far has been less and the kids testing positive are asymptomatic. Similarly, even if adults are testing positive, they are recovering after five days. Though cases are likely to increase among children, there won’t be any severity. From last week, we are treating six children with no symptoms, of which one child has comorbidities,” said Dr S Balasubramanian, HOD, Paediatrics Department, Kanchi Kamakoti Childs Trust Hospital.
Both these hospitals had reported a significant number of pediatric cases during the second wave. Doctors at other pediatric facilities said they are gearing up to handle any crisis.
“We have formed a task force team in the hospital to handle the situation among children. There is a significant increase in pediatric hospital admissions for COVID across the world,” said Dr Perumal Karnan, Senior Consultant, Clinical Lead, Department of Paediatrics, Gleneagles Global Health City.

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