Tamil Nadu: Missing idol found in temple

The Idol wing police recovered a missing panchaloha idol of Chandikeshwarar from the strong room in Kumbakonam and it was found to be replaced for another idol that went missing during the same period.
Tamil Nadu: Missing idol found in temple
The recovered idol


Meanwhile, the idol wing police team, led by Additional Director K Jayanth Murali, have been conducting inspections of temples across the state to list out the missing idols. The team found that the Chandikeshwarar idol from Pasupatheeshwarar temple has been missing. However, it was learnt that HR and CE officials had replaced the Chandikeshwarar idol with that of the idol which went missing from Idumbeshwarar temple. 
On Thursday, the idol wing police found that the missing Chandikeswarar idol was the one that was replaced for the other idol that had already been missing. Subsequently, they handed over the recovered idol to the Additional Judicial Magistrate court, while a search is on for the originally missing idol from Pasupatheeshwarar Temple.

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