This TN petrol pump is offering free fuel to citizens named 'Neeraj', 'Sindhu'

In order to celebrate Neeraj Chopra, the golden star of Olympic, a petrol pump in Karur on Wednesday offered two litre petrol free for those who has his name and the pump has also announced one litre free petrol for those who named after Sindhu, the bronze medalist from today (Thursday).
This TN petrol pump is offering free fuel to citizens named 'Neeraj', 'Sindhu'
Board Displayed; One Neeraj gets his free petrol


The Aravind Agencies which has been functioning at tollgate in Tirumanilayur in Karur had announced two litre free petrol for those who named as Neeraj. They asked those Neerajs to come with Aadhar card for the proof of their name. It is said, the name Neeraj is not so common in the South, the response was poor and no Neeraj turned up till 7.30 pm. 
At around 8 pm, two youths named as Neeraj and Neeroj arrived at the petrol pump for free fuel but only Neeraj was given free petrol. 
Since the number of persons were less than the expected, the owner AR Malaiyappasamy, an ex-MLA added Sindhu, the badminton player who fetched bronze for the country in Olympic but with one litre free petrol. 
Malaiyappasamy said, it is heartening that these youngsters have fought for the country and got us medals. “They have now become role models for the youngsters and I wanted to honour them and so the idea came out. The offer is till Friday. Those who have Neeraj and Sindhu can come to our pump and get two and one litre petrol respectively”, he added. 

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