Elephant calf dies in carnivore attack

A month-old elephant calf died in a suspected attack by some carnivore at Theppakadu forest range in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) in the Nilgiris on Wednesday.
Elephant calf dies in carnivore attack
Forest department staff spray disinfectant on the carcass of an elephant


The forest department staff could not go near the carcass of the animal in the morning as a herd of elephants stood guard. After the adult elephants left, a necropsy was performed by veterinarians.
“The right hind leg of the calf was found fractured and it had a bite mark. Injury due to an attack was also found in its abdomen and umbilical cord area. The calf must have escaped the carnivore attack, but couldn’t get back to normalcy due to injuries. It became immobile and starved resulting in its death,” said an official. Meanwhile, the carcass of a male elephant aged around four years, which died due to suspected anthrax, was burnt as per the standard procedure in Thengumarahada region.
“A post mortem was not performed and the staff took precautions like wearing a PPE kit while going near the carcass to take samples. It was found dead with symptoms of Anthrax like blood oozing from its trunk and mouth. Disinfectants were sprayed in a 50 metre radius around the carcass as a precaution. The Animal Husbandry department has been asked to carry out vaccination for cattle in the neighbouring areas,” said an official.

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