Conductor loses cash, ticket bundles at timekeeper’s office

In a shocking incident, a TNSTC bus conductor in Chengam town in Tiruvannamalai district lost his daily collection and unused ticket bundles placed at the timekeeper’s office. Unable to trace it, he even tried black magic and a poster promising reward for those helping him to get back the cash and tickets, recently.
Conductor loses cash, ticket bundles at timekeeper’s office
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On August 5, conductor R Thiruvengadam, who was put on duty on a town bus route, had kept the day’s collection amounting to Rs 2,200 and unused ticket bundles on the timekeeper’s desk and went out. When he returned in a few minutes both the cash and ticket bundles were missing.
In a similar incident at the timekeeper office, another conductor, who had to pay a fine of Rs 2 lakh, resorted to black magic and managed to get back the lost items as the culprit had allegedly left the stolen money and tickets in front of the timekeeper’s office then. Going by the past incident, Thiruvengadam too sought Divine help and tied an energised coconut and egg at the timekeeper’s office.
Talking to DT Next, he said, “I too have made the same attempt and tied a coconut near the timekeeper’s office. But it has not produced any result so far. I also pasted a computer printed poster announcing a reward for those helping to get back the missing items.” Asked whether this ploy at least worked, he said, “it has not till now and hence both the local TNSTC depot manager and I complained to the Chengam police, who have registered a case."
Asked if he was asked to repay the missing amount, he replied, “not yet, the corporation is working out a schedule to return the money without affecting me financially.”

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