Non-emergency services pick up, surgeries await official nod

As the daily number of COVID cases is on a decline in Tamil Nadu, private hospitals are likely to reduce the bed reserved for COVID patients and attend to others. Elective surgeries at these hospitals are expected to pick up in the coming days, claim officials but official order is awaited from the State Health Department.
Non-emergency services pick up, surgeries await official nod
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“Elective surgeries are being planned again and we have started consultations for non-emergency non-COVID cases also as the cases have come down. The hospital has a separate wing for COVID cases but the burden of cases has reduced significantly so other procedures are being attended to. The official notification on the reservation of beds for COVID-19 cases is awaited,” said Dr Immanuel Jaikumar, a representative from Vijaya Health Center in Vadapalani.
Private hospitals have brought down the reservation of beds for COVID patients from 50 per cent to 20 per cent as the cases have reduced manifold. “COVID beds have come down to about 10 per cent and only emergency surgeries, transplants in emergency cases and others are being done as the cases have dropped by more than 60 per cent. The planned elective surgeries are being considered but official notification from the State Health Department is being awaited,” said Dr Narendranath Jena, senior consultant in emergency medicine at Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre. The government hospitals in the State have also started elective surgeries and staff members are being diverted to non-COVID wards. “Availability of beds is the same but the general medicine blocks and surgical blocks have started to function. We have patients coming from other districts and States, too, as we continue to handle the highest burden of COVID-19 within the city. Elective surgeries are also being undertaken as COVID cases are on a declining in Chennai,” said Dr E Theranirajan, dean of Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital.
Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project, project director, Dr S Uma said though a fresh government order has not been passed, private hospitals are undertaking elective surgeries and non- COVID medical procedures. “The government order on 50 per cent reservation for COVID patients was given to ensure that no patient is denied medical care in private hospitals and the bed shortage is met. The beds are now vacant in government hospitals itself, so the regular procedures can be taken up,” she added.

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