Karur Dt DMK candidates question use of server, AC near strongroom

In the wake of doubts raised by DMK agents over the operation of a server and air-conditioner even on Sunday at a particular room, party candidates V Senthil Balaji (Karur) and Monjanur R Elango (Aravakurichi) lodged a complaint with election officials and inspected the counting centre and the particular spot on Monday in the presence of the Returning Officer.
Karur Dt DMK candidates question use of server, AC near strongroom
The Karur and Aravakurichi DMK candidates inspecting a room in the presence of Returning Officer


The EVMs used for election in Karur district were taken to the counting centre at M Kumarasamy Engineering College and the strong rooms on the premises were sealed in the presence of the Returning Officers and the agents of the respective candidates, who have been staying at the college to prevent any irregularities. 
DMK agents on Sunday noticed that the computers, servers and air conditioners were functioning at a particular room close to the strong rooms and they alerted Karur district DMK in-chage and Karur segment candidate V Senthil Balaji, who took up the issue with poll officials. 
On Monday, DMK candidates, Senthil Balaji (Karur) and Elango (Aravakurichi), went to the counting centre and checked the room in question in the presence of Karur Returning Officer S Balasubramaniam and inspected it along with computer engineers. 
While speaking to reporters, Senthil Balaji said, the EVMs of all the four segments in the district have been kept at the counting centre on the college premises. “Earlier, there was no CCTV camera in the counting centre and after we took up the issue with the Karur district election office cameras were installed,” he said. He said that the party agents found the computer room belonging to the college administration was functioning even during holidays. “They found that the server and the air conditioner were running despite the room being locked from outside and grew suspicious about it. So, the issue was brought to my knowledge and officials failed to allay our apprehensions,” claimed Senthil Balaji. 
Meanwhile, Senthil Balaji urged the election officials to complete the counting process at the earliest owing to COVID-19 restrictions. He appealed to double the counting tables from 14 to 28 so that the process could be completed within a day as there are as many as 77 candidates and each would consume at least 45 minutes for each round. “We have sent our representation to increase the number of counting tables to the Chief Election Commissioner and hope our demand will be fulfilled,” Senthil Balaji said. 
He also urged the EC to restrict the entry of any vehicles and equipment into the counting centres. Election officials should also instruct the college administration to switch off computers and servers till counting, he said. 
‘Repair CCTVs’ 
Meanwhile, DMK candidates of Thanajvur, Tiruvaiyaru and Orathanadu charged that the CCTV cameras installed at the counting centre at Kundavai Nachiyar Govt Arts College for Women were not functioning. Candidates TKG Neelamegam (Thanjavur), Durai Chandrasekaran (Tiruvaiyaru) and M Ramachandran (Orathanadu) visited the centre and demanded DEO M Govinda Rao to install a CCTV camera.

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