False ceiling collapses in Kanchi Amma canteen

The false ceiling of an Amma Canteen in Kancheepuram collapsed in the wee hours of Tuesday. However, there was no casualties as it happened before it opened for business.
False ceiling collapses in Kanchi Amma canteen
Collapsed ceiling of the canteen in Kancheepuram.


The Amma Canteen near the Kancheepuram government hospital has been functioning since 2015. Many people who visit the hospital use the canteen that functions from 9 am to 3 pm every day. Around 2.30 am on Tuesday, the false ceiling of the canteen collapsed. On hearing the sound, the neighbours rushed to the spot and informed the police and Kancheepuram municipal officials.
The police officials who went inside the canteen found that the false ceiling which was 55x25 feet had completely collapsed. The tables and fans were also damaged.
The Vishu Kanchi police have registered a case and are inquiring. Kancheepuram municipal officials are also investigating. Police said there were no casualties as the incident happened in the early hours.

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