Kovilpatti ‘Kadalai Mittai’ gets GI tag

After a five-year wait, Kovilpatti ‘Kadalai Mittai’ (made of peanuts and jaggery) has got a Geographical Indication (GI) tag on Thursday. Kovilpatti Kadalaimittai Manufacturers and Retailers Association at Kovilpatti and adjacent towns and villages in Thoothukudi district will have an exclusive right over the tag.
Kovilpatti ‘Kadalai Mittai’ gets GI tag


The application for GI tag was filed by the association claiming that Kovilpatti ‘Kadalai Mittai’ was being produced by using both groundnuts and jaggery (organic jaggery), in carefully selected quantities from selected specific locations in Tamil Nadu along with water from river Thamirabarani which enhances the taste naturally. The GI tag ensures that none other than registered users could use the product name.
The tag was granted to Kovilpatti ‘Kadalai Mittai’ to its unique flavourfrom the use of jaggery, groundnuts grown in the native black soil and natural ingredients. The other uniqueness includes the use of Veragu Aduppu (firewood).
Speaking to DT Next, Kovilpatti Regional Kadalaimittai Manufacturers and Retailers Association President A Kartheeswaran said, “It was the brainchild of then Kovilpatti sub-collector K Vijaykarthikeyn (present Tiruppur District Collector) to get the GI tag for our traditional Mittai. It was a long journey for us to get the tag. We are also thankful to our MLA and Minister of Information and Publicity, Kadambur Raj for his continuous help.”
He added that when they approached the Geographical Indications Registry, the department informed them that the tag would be given to only associations in 2014.
“Then we have followed all the formalities, and finally got the tag. Hereafter, no other manufacturer from other parts of the State could claim to sell the Kovilpatti ‘Kadalai Mittai’, if it didn’t manufacture from our town ,” said Kartheeswaran.

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